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Armpits + legs + deep bikini + any area on your choice
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Armpits + deep bikini

Laser hair removal Kharkov - LASER ROOM 19


Our company specializes in procedures of laser hair removal, which are the most demanded nowadays in the area of professional hardware cosmetology. Laser epilation has been deservedly recognized as a reference one as for the achieved results, and it is getting more popular even among men, not only among women.

These days laser hair removal is the only way of getting rid of extra hair on the body, which combines the advantages of all pre-existing epilation ways and lacks their disadvantages:

  • The procedure is absolutely painless
  • It does not cause skin irritation or damage
  • Hair removal of a single zone takes only several minutes
  • The result maintains for a number of years (up to 8 years)


Мы применяем самые современные на сегодняшний день аппараты,  оборудованные диодными головками производства Dilas (Германия) — мировых лидеров индустрии. Оборудование сертифицировано в Европе и мире, и его применение позволяет сделать процедуру эпиляции эффективной и безопасной. Оборудование имеет отличную систему охлаждения, что позволяет сделать процедуру еще и безболезненной. Более подробная информация о применяемом оборудовании доступна в разделе «Применяемое оборудование для лазерной эпиляции».

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Modern Equipment

Procedures are held using modern Apolo and Dillas diode lasers (Germany). Their safety and efficacy has been approved by multiple clinic research and is recognized as the best one in the industry of laser hair removal.

Best Service

We value our reputation, so we have been constantly working at providing the currently best service for you. Our salons are conveniently situated, cozy and modern. Our specialists are the most experienced, sociable and affable. Our equipment and individual program allow to achieve excellent results.

Available Prices

Our company operates on its own equipment instead of the rented one, so prices for procedures are one of the most available. The price depends on the chosen epilation type. You may find prices in the corresponding site section or via phone.

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