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810nm diode laser with TEC cooling system

The device fully conforms to high European standards, is certified and marked with the CE 93/42/EEC mark.

Model: HS-811
Wave length: 810 nm
Focal spot size: 12*16 mm
Repetition rate: 1-10Hz
Pulse width: 10-400ms
Tip cooling temperature: 0-5 degrees Celsius
Laser output: 600 W
Size: 56x38x110 cm (L*W*h)
Weight: 55 kg

TEC (thermo-electric cooling) is the best and the most steady cooling system. The ideal solution for devices of laser hair removal. The model is designed up to 24 hours of continuous operation.

The advantages of 810nm diode laser hair removal

1. Safety and painlessness:

The device uses TEC cooling system for sapphire tip up to 0-50C. This makes the procedure painless and safe for your skin. And it also allows to conduct working sessions continuously, 24 hours. The TEC technology has been patented. No other laser uses this cooling system and cannot compare with this device as to its safety and painlessness.

2. Effectiveness:

3 types of waves are used in the device, which allows to remove any kinds of hair effectively.

3. Speed:

Due to the large size of a focal spot 12*16 mm (which is a patented solution, other devices have 10*10 mm or 10*12 mm) and 10 Hz repetition rate, the speed of procedures increases several times.

4. Other advantages:

The device can be used for any skin types and shades.
This device is perfectly designed and developed, so it absolutely excludes hyperpigmentation, which may be possible in using other laser systems.

Our diode laser uses ‘IN-Motion’ intellectual mode to provide the fastest speed of operation – up to 10 pulses per second. It allows to remove hairs on the body quickly and effectively. Diode laser system of hair removal is also equipped with thermo-electric cooling (TEC), and it uses a real sapphire, which receives enormous contact cooling. This device has been developed for really painless and effective epilation. You will get the most comfortable and safe procedure.