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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal by a laser is an innovational method, which allows to get rid of tattoos completely, of any size or coloring density. No burns or scars!

The advantages of laser tattoo removal
  • A German diode laser of new generation is used in work
  • Laser impacts only tattoo ink, without touching upon healthy skin
  • Does not leave scars or burns on the skin
  • No special preparation before the procedure is required.
How many sessions are needed for full tattoo removal?

The result can be seen already after the first procedure. 2 to 10 sessions are needed to remove the tattoo drawing, which vanishes gradually, without scars and other mechanical damages. The laser destroys the paint pigment into microparticles, which are exteriorized in a natural way. You can also light a tattoo you are bored with, and cover it with a new one.

Количество процедур, за которое удастся вывести тату или татуаж, очень индивидуально. В данном случае учитывается цвет, размер, качество пигмента и глубина проникновения краски, которая использовалась при нанесении татуировки или татуажа. В среднем тату выводится за 2–10 сеансов, а перманентный макияж за 2–6 посещений. Интервалы между сеансами составляют около 3 недель.
Узнать точные цены на удаление тату в салоне LASER ROOM 19 можно у наших менеджеров. Звоните по номеру +380970070921 или оставляйте заявку на сайте, и менеджеры салона свяжутся с вами в ближайшее время.

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What is the price for tattoo removal?

The price depends on the removal area, and also on the depth and age of tattoo, coloring density and quality of pigments. The exact price can be determined after the consultation with our specialist.

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