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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics is introducing a coloring pigment to upper skin layers manually or by means of a special device, which allows to imitate an ordinary makeup. It is done in order to underline, adjust or improve some facial features. Permanent makeup is done in the following zones: lips, eyelids, eyebrows. It may remain from one to several years, depending on peculiarities of your body.

  • absolute sterility
  • painlessness
  • disposable needles and other expendable materials
  •  usage of quality expensive hypoallergenic pigments
  • specialists’ precision and esthetic taste

Eyebrow permanent makeup is done in three main techniques.

  • Hair technique (microblading) lies in specialist’s detailed tracing of hairs. As a result, you get a correct and smooth shape with visual volume and thickness
  • Shaded stump (powdered brows, pixilated deposition of brows, powdered brows, stumping) implies soft filling of brows shape and camouflaging of spots, which lack hairs. The specialist chooses the intensity of pigmenting due to your preferences.
  • Mixed technique (3D-permanent makeup) is a combination of tracing and stumping hairs, which allows to receive a natural and volume result with the shading effect.

Среди наших клиентов наиболее популярной является техника «пудрового нанесения» («пудровые брови»). После проведения процедуры брови выглядят максимально естественно и привлекательно.

Цена на татуаж бровей зависит от выбранной техники нанесения


With permanent makeup of lips, you can get rid of form and shape defects, create the effect of bright and volume lips, and also save time of everyday makeup.

Our specialists will choose such a pigmenting technique, which allows to receive a desired result, together with you:

  • Contouring
  • Contour + stumping
  • Aquarel lips
  • Lipstick effect

Together with the master, you will select the desired pigment color and decide on the application technique.


Eyeliner tattoo, or lashline enhancement, is suitable for girls who want to add brightness to their eyes, underline the form of eyes, create the effect of thick lashes. The procedure is commonly used and has no limitations, does not affect vision and does not touch eyes.


The effect of permanent makeup can be estimated some days later, and final recovery takes place 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

Post-procedure care

It is prohibited during the recovery process:

  1. Direct impact of UV rays;
  2. Swimming pools, sauna or steam bath;
  3. Cosmetic products, alcoholic lotions;
  4. Self-removal of crusts;
  5. Physical activity to avoid excessive sweatingию.

You can find out the exact prices for tattoo services by contacting the administrator of our center. by phone from the “Contacts” section or through any convenient messenger.


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