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Vessel Removal

Vessel Removal

Vessels appearing on skin surface, and also pigment spots, are rather wide-spread problems. Such formations are not harmful, but they can easily become the reason of insecurities and self-dissatisfaction. They are mostly formed on the face, neck, chest, on arms and also along the vessels.

Laser vessel removal is an innovational and safe method, which allows to get rid of this problem completely.

The Advantages of Laser Vessel Removal
  • Laser impacts only the vessel formation, without touching healthy tissues
  • The effect is visible after the first session
  • The procedure is painless due to the refrigeration system
  • No scarring after removal
  • The result of the procedure stands forever
How to Prepare for the Procedure?
  • For two weeks before the procedure, it is not recommended to make peeling or attend the sun parlor
  • To apply cosmetic products with UV protection before and after the procedure in the summer period
How Many Sessions are Needed?

If a vascular spider or pigment spot is of a small size, one session is enough to get rid of them completely. In case of large-scaled formations, the quantity of sessions might be increased up to four. The exact amount of procedures and their cost may be determined by our specialist during the free consultation.

Cost of Procedures

The cost of vascular spider removal or pigment spot removal depends on the size, depth and color of the problem area.

The exact cost may be determined after the preliminary consultation with our specialist.

For example, the removal of a small-sized problem area will cost approximately 200-300 hrn.

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