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Frequently Asked Questions

Is laser hair removal painful? (Connect this question with epilation types and kinds of lasers. Which of them are painful)

This question is the most commonly requested. Is laser epilation painful? For those impatient ones, I will say for sure. No, it is not. BUT!!! Painlessness of the procedure depends on several factors.

The first factor is a laser device. Painlessness of the procedure is provided by modern diode lasers. In our salons we use precisely these, and surely we follow the technologies and constantly renovate our equipment so that we had the most modernized one. During the procedure the only thing you feel is warmth.

You may watch a separate video on types of lasers and their features in a more detailed way. The tip is in the upper right corner or in the description to this video.

The second important factor is cosmetologist’s qualification. While conducting a procedure of laser hair removal, a cosmetologist is to set the laser device correctly in such a way so that your procedure would be the most comfortable and effective. Our experienced specialists have all necessary knowledge and methodology, and they constantly and obligatorily improve their skills at extension courses. And the third important factor lies in preparation to the procedure of laser hair removal., You may watch in a corresponding video how to do it correctly. The tip is in the upper right corner or in the description to this video.

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How many sessions are needed? What are the intervals between the procedures?

How many sessions are needed to remove hair completely? – this question is the second popular.

In average it takes 5-8 procedures. The amount of them depends on individual peculiarities of your body.

Since we use the most modern equipment and methodology, intervals between the procedures are 3-4 weeks.

When the final cycle of procedures is over, you may do correction procedures once or 2 times per year. Their necessity, once again, depends on body individual peculiarities. It is simple here: if hair grows, you need to use our procedure for their removal.

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Why can’t all hair be removed from the first time?

Laser can remove hair which is in active growth stage and contains the most of melanin. Such hair on the body amounts to only about 30%. Laser destroys them for a single session, however later other hair, which was previously inactive, starts to grow. This ‘woken’ hair will be destroyed in the next procedure of laser hair removal. Thus, in time, for 5-8 sessions all hair will be destroyed, and skin will become smooth.

What laser is used? How do lasers differ? Why are not all lasers equally good?

Our ‘Laser Room 19’ centers of laser cosmetology use diode lasers of the newest generation, produced in 2020 in Germany and the Netherlands. Procedures are conducted smoothly and effectively on these devices, and ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS, which is a very important criterion for you.

You often ask if all existing laser devices equally painless and effective. Let’s look into it.

As for painlessness.

NOT ALL laser devices are equally painless. Nowadays, there are still a lot of beauty salons where old-fashioned laser models are still used. Procedures on these models cause pain. Most of all, these are alexandrite lasers.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal procedure may differ greatly depending on the applied model of laser device and also on its technical condition.

Some owners of epilation studios very often economize on technical support of laser devices and agree to replace parts for non-original ones, thus significantly diminishing the quality of procedures. So be attentive and trust only tried-and-tested salons or studios with a good name.

We, LaserRoom 19, take great care in your receiving the best results in the most comfortable conditions.

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How to prepare for procedures? What you may and may not do before and after procedures?

Remember 5 things that you MAY NOT DO before the procedure of laser hair removal. 2 weeks prior to the procedure:

  1. DO NOT sunbathe and do not attend sun parlors (If you are on the beach, be certain to use sun protection cream);
  2. DO NOT use any other ways of hair removal, APART FROM SHAVING;
  3. DO NOT take tetracyclin antibiotics and drugs which are fluroquinolones;

3 days before the procedure:

  1. DO NOT treat the epilation zone with alcohol products;

24 hours before the procedure:

  1. DO NOT take alcohol.

All these recommendations are easily explained. Thus, antibiotics and alcohol-containing cosmetics cannot be consumed, since they cause high sensitivity of skin towards light exposure. That is why you may get a burn, unless you follow these recommendations.

Alcohol is not recommended since its presence in the body often causes pain while conducting hair removal procedures.

As for other kinds of hair removal, it is not recommended to pluck hair out, since thus they are removed completely, and laser pulse is not able to affect the hair follicle and stop the hair growth.

It is important to exclude sunbathing, since melanocytes release too much melanin under the sun. Skin gets darker and the procedure effectiveness significantly decreases. Moreover, a serious risk arises to receive a burn.

Apart from the abovementioned recommendations, no special preparation for the procedure is required, only a day before or on a day of the procedure it is necessary to shave an epilation zone.

It is very essential to mention possible

  • Pregnancy and lactation period – they are essential periods when the procedure of laser hair removal is not recommended.

Moreover, there is a number of counter-indications, such as:

  • Somatic skin diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • Diabetes mellitus in decompensation stage;
  • Taking tetracyclin antibiotics.
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