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Laser Hair Removal of Underarms

Laser Hair Removal of Underarms

The zone of underarms is one of the most sensitive, so cosmetologist doctors recommend to remove the undesirable hair in this zone by an innovative procedure, laser hair removal. Laser hair removal of underarms guarantees a prolonged effect. While conducting a full course of procedures and periodic supporting procedures, your skin will stay smooth, soft and resilient for a long time. ‘Laser Room 19’ center of laser cosmetology specializes in laser hair removal services. Our specialists, cosmetologist doctors, recommend this service to everybody, since it does not lead to irritations. Modern diode lasers, used in our salons, do not damage skin and do not lead to hair ingrowth.

How much does laser hair removal of underarms cost?

The exact price for this service, laser hair removal of underarms, you may find out from the table below. Besides, we have very appealing offers for several zones of hair removal.

Our prices
Laser Hair Removal Services
Underarm zones (women) 250 UAH

duration 5 minutes

Underarm zones (men) 350 UAH

duration 5 minutes

Forearms (women) 400 UAH

duration 10 minutes

Forearms (men) 550 UAH

duration 10 minutes

Upper arms (women) 400 UAH

duration 10 minutes

Upper arms (men) 650 UAH

duration 10 minutes

Wrists (women) 170 UAH

duration 5 minutes

Wrists (men) 300 UAH

duration 5 minutes

Our prices
Underarms + Deep bikini + Full legs + any zone on your choice free 1000 UAH

Duration 30 min. The price is unchangeable for the whole course of procedures. *The free zone is provided only on the first visit.

Underarms + Deep bikini + Lower half legs + any zone free, apart from thighs 799 UAH

Duration 20 min. The price is unchangeable for the whole course of procedures. *The free zone is provided only on the first visit.

Underarms + Deep bikini 550 UAH

Duration 10-15 min. The price is unchangeable for the whole course of procedures

Deep bikini 350 UAH

Duration 10 min. The price is unchangeable for the whole course of procedures

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How does laser hair removal of underarms work?

During the session, our cosmetologist uses a laser handpiece on the underarms zone. A projected stream of light of a certain wave impacts exclusively on the hair cover, skin does not heat or damaged herewith. Laser energy is absorbed by melanin, hair pigment, hair shaft heats with further damage of growth zone. Approximately 2 weeks later, hairs start to fall out, and do not grow in the damaged follicle. The beam directly affects hair bulbs, which are in active phase. During the first session, all visible hairs are removed, and further sessions will allow to get rid of ‘sleeping’ bulbs (follicles), which will grow in some time. Thus, all undesired hairs are gradually removed.

The Advantages of Procedure in ‘Laser Room 19’

Compared with traditional ways of hair removal, laser hair removal has a number of advantages, which are:

  • The procedure is effective, as undesired hairs are got rid of for a long time after it;
  • The effect of the course lasts up to 10 years, and is easily maintained. It is enough to visit our studio 1-2 times per year, for correction procedures;
  • Laser carefully impacts the skin, without damaging it;
  • Procedure is comfortable and painless, even if your skin is sensitive. During the session, clients feel pleasant warmth;
  • The duration of session does not take much time. Average time of underarms hair removal takes 10 minutes.
  • Our studios are easily accessible. They are located in many cities, and are always placed in the center of the city.

To prepare for the procedure, certain limitations are to be followed. 14 days before the session, it is necessary to refuse from attending sun parlors, and not to have a tan under the scorching sun. Also tetracycline antibiotics are not to be taken, it is prohibited to tear hairs from the zone of hair removal procedure. 3 days before the session, skin is not to be alcoholized in the zone of procedure. In the evening before the procedure or on the day of the procedure, remove hairs in the hair removal zone, by means of a razor.

Indications and counter-indications for laser hair removal of underarms


Laser hair removal of underarms by diode laser is applicable for both men and women. Age is also not restricted. Such method of fighting with undesired hairs will allow to get rid of single hairs and thick hair-covering. Clients of our studios are often people being allergic to wax, sugaring and special creams, and also those having sensitive type of skin. Moreover, by laser you may get rid of ingrown hairs, decrease the number of inflamed follicles and get rid of irritation.


      The procedure is not to be conducted in the following cases:

  • In pregnancy and in lactation period;
  • In case of oncology diseases and diabetes mellitus;
  • In case of somatic diseases on the skin.

Postprocedure period

      During 14 days (if your skin is not too sensitive, then at least 7 days) after the procedure, you may not have a tan or attend a sun parlor. Also, within the three days after the session, you should abstain from:

  • Taking a hot bath;
  • Attending a sauna, heat bath or a pool;
  • Alcoholize the treated zone.

Going out on a sunny weather, cosmetologists of our center recommend to apply a special sun protection cream with SPF35 and more.

What equipment do we use?

Offices are equipped with the best modern laser devices in our center of laser cosmetology. Our specialists use Apolo and Dillas diode lasers, produced in Germany and the Netherlands, in their work. These laser facilities are safe and effective, which is confirmed by multiple clinic tests. We work with high-quality equipment with European and world-acknowledged certificates. This equipment is considered to be the best in the laser hair removal sphere. Diode lasers easily remove extra hair on the body. Moreover, they are applicable for different phototypes, and also make skin covering smooth and elastic quickly and painlessly.
Our clients do not feel discomfort during sessions, they only feel pleasant warmth. A laser device has a special refrigeration system, which cools the skin down and protects it from burns. Light beam, projected by the laser, has antibacterial properties with anti-inflammatory effect. It also strengthens skin regeneration, making it smooth and elastic.

Stages of a session

The session of removing undesired hair by laser does not last long. Before starting, your cosmetologist will consult you. It is necessary to make an adequate evaluation of the current state of the skin zone where hair removal is planned. While speaking with you, a doctor finds out information on possible counter-indications, and only after that starts the procedure itself. Before the session begins, certain laser parameters are introduced to the devices with a view of your skin phototype.
Then some special contact gel is applied to your zone. You will be offered to wear protective glasses, and only after that a handpiece is used to work on the zone. After the procedure is over, some repairing cream is applied on the skin, which helps skin covering to regenerate.

What are the expected results?

After the full course of hair removal, your underarms will stay smooth for a long time. To keep a prolonged effect, specialists of our studio recommend to follow the abovementioned recommendations, to attend all sessions and, if necessary, to attend a maintaining procedure 1-2 times per year.

How many procedures are needed?

At the preliminary consultation, the cosmetologist determines optimal course duration, with a view to individual body peculiarities. In average, women need to attend 4-8 sessions, men attend 6-10 ones. Sessions are held with the 3-4 weeks’ break.

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5-10 minutes
250 UAH